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Words VS Gestures: Which One to Believe to Reveal Deception?

When communicating in online video chats for dating, you have an opportunity to observe an interlocutor’s face (the upper part of the body, to be exact). This gives you an ability to judge his behavior, manners, and appearance.

When your communication becomes more and more sincere, it is important to know that your interlocutor is honest with you. No one wants to be cheated. But it is not easy to understand whether your interlocutor tells the truth, especially when you chat via a web camera.

It is a well-known fact that one should not believe words. In order to make sure that your interlocutor is not a liar, you can use knowledge of body language. Random chats are based on communication via a web camera. Thus, you can clearly see your interlocutor’s mimics, gestures, and poses. Such skills will help you see the true intentions of your interlocutors.

In addition, non-verbal communication is widely used because it is practically impossible to control it. All gestures are generated in our brain, they are subconscious. Thus, it is extremely difficult to try to master it. However, it is also difficult to master the way to read and interpret these signs.

For example, the theory of body language stated that if a person rubs his/her nose, he/she deceives an interlocutor. But rubbing the nose can be a physical need to rub the nose. Thus, if you decided to master skills of non-verbal communication, be patient and practice a lot.

By the way, random online chats can be the perfect platforms to practice your skills. Thousands of users visit cam chats daily. Thus, you can try your knowledge while chatting with random users.

Let’s see examples of non-verbal signs that help reveal deception:

  • Your interlocutor tries to cover his/her mouth with his/her hand;
  • Involuntary touches of the face with a hand;
  • Pulling off the collar of a shirt or sweatshirt from time to time;
  • Frequent touches of the nose, eyes, or areas around eyes;
  • His/her voice pace suddenly changes;
  • He/she always worries and can tinker something in hands;
  • An interlocutor on a cam chat blinks rarely;
  • He/she stares at you to understand whether his/her lie is accepted.

The theory of non-verbal communication is truly huge. Not everyone manages to master this technique. Those few people, who manage to do this, spend years in order to master this skill. But once you learn how to use it, you’ll read people, and no one will be able to cheat on you.