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Why you don’t need hurry up and make a declaration of love

In early childhood we have no problem expressing our feelings, children simply admit to the affection they feel. As we grow older, we understand that the world around us works by the rules that we have to adapt to in order to protect ourselves from experiences and poorly healing heart wounds. And even when we meet true love, we do not hurry to say the three cherished words, although we are sure that the object of passion deserves it. In addition, the passion cools down the stereotypes imposed by society: better if he does it first, and even better if it happens not only at the right time, but in the right place. 

Love has no time or emotional scale to equal. You don’t have to measure the rise of passion every day or count the days of your affection to calculate when the right moment comes. 

In addition, no one wants to fall under the pressure of someone else’s feelings and suffer the need to respond positively to someone else’s confession. 

So let yourself trust what you really feel, let everything happen naturally and comfortably. When you survive the first emotional fireworks, realize the depth of your love and be confident in your feelings, express them as you want, and at a time when you think it is necessary. 

1. True love takes time

When we get attached to someone, it’s easy to confuse the joy of intimacy with love. You can love to be near him, feel your hand in his palm, enjoy being a couple, but it is not the same as real feelings for the real person.

True love is not only desire, passion and certainly not an addiction, but a deep sense of acceptance of each other when you want and can be yourself, not pretending and not wanting to redraw the partner to their standards and principles. This rarely happens at first sight, and to realize if you are half of the same, it takes time, and most likely not days or weeks. Even if you are desperate to finally say the cherished words to a heartfelt friend, appoint yourself another decisive timeout to really understand what it means to you.

2. Confession will not strengthen connection

In any relationship, even the most perfect, disagreements happen. But no matter how much we wish to quickly turn from cold alienation to hot emotional rails, the words “I love you” are not invented to bring back understanding. And please don’t use them in the hope of convincing someone not to leave you. A confession can’t save a relationship, fix a mistake, or regain trust.

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