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What is appropriate to discuss with your partner

Everyone has a disputable situation with a loved one. Sometimes you want to ask a question about our partner’s past, but we hesitate to do so.

It is important to communicate with each other on different topics, to discuss personal boundaries in a relationship, because lack of discussion leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. When a discussion topic concerns two partners, you can discuss everything, because this is what happens between you and what forms your relationship. At the beginning, you should discuss the format of your relationship, what you expect from it. Maybe that a guy is looking for the love of his life, and the girl is not at all committed to the relationship now, she likes the format of sex on friendship. Nobody discusses it, and when the relationship becomes a little more serious, it leads to misunderstanding. Let’s say, a man says that he needs children and family now, and a girl may not plan her children – all this needs to be discussed.

At the initial stage of the relationship it is necessary to discuss contraception, the sexual constitution of each other. In the beginning we all have a hormonal surge, we all want each other all the time, but after a time when the feelings slightly cool down, we return to normal. To talk about it at all, you need to know something about yourself, so it is important to spend time studying your body.

It is equally important to talk about all the nuances with pleasure in sex. Discuss the boundaries, which practices are acceptable for you and which are not. Often, everything happens spontaneously during sex, someone decides to take the initiative into their own hands, and then either a beautiful experience happens, which is rare, or there are unpleasant moments. It is necessary to discuss the issue of sexual health, to exchange information at least.

Discuss personal boundaries. There are people who do not like to discuss past experiences, but I, for example, am in favor of knowing why your partner broke up with a previous girl to understand more about the person. Suddenly, they broke up because of psychological violence, beatings, you do not know and you enter into a relationship with the abuser. In general, do not devalue the partner and his experience and judge where your evaluation was not required. It is not necessary to let conflicts and negative moments go away, because they are not solved by themselves.

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