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Virtual Sex in Cam Chats: Who, Why, and When?

Who has virtual sex? Let’s be honest: almost everyone who uses modern tools of communication has tried it at least once. It doesn’t mean that you’re bad. It is most likely that you did it for curiosity.

Why choose virtual sex? Because it is easy and convenient. Finding a partner “in real life” takes too much time. You have to get to know him/her somewhere, spend time and money on communication and gifts, seduce, put to bed, be at risk of an unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, or unhappy love. To engage in cybersex, just go online and spend 10 minutes looking for a pleasant interlocutor.

Where to practice it? Cam chats or messengers are the most popular online platforms for this activity. If you do not want to see your interlocutor and want to type texts, then choose messengers. If you want to observe his/her body and talk with your partner, random video chats for dating are the best tool.

Why is virtual sex good? Because it is convenient and safe; and fantasies are not limited by anything. You can imagine yourself as a stunningly beautiful goddess. Or a virgin – even if the number of real sexual partners has long exceeded one dozen. Cybersex will easily raise your self-esteem. It allows you to get a wealth of experience and to understand your own sexuality and desires.

And yet, although it sounds ridiculous, virtual love protects against physical adultery: no more than 2% of virtual sex acquaintances end in meetings in real life.

Why is this activity bad? A real person does not compete with the ideal image that you have created in your head. A real husband or lover has a serious technical flaw: you can’t get rid of them in three seconds by clicking on the cross in the browser. You need to communicate with them, build relationships, take into account their desires and, what is most difficult, combine their desires with yours. Cybersex does not provide for the ability to compromise, respect, and tolerance.

And it also works as an artificial sugar substitute: it seems to be sweetness and causes no harm from excess calories. The same story occurs with your body. It feels to be cheated; the brain assures: “sex is received”, and there is no trace of tactile contact, nor pheromones, nor hormonal response. All this provokes serious depression.

As you see, virtual sex in online video chats may occur if you do not have a partner for a long time or want to spend a pleasant evening when you’re alone. But do not abuse this activity and do not turn it into a habit. Feel the golden middle, and everything will be all right.

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