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Useful Tips on How to talk with a Foreigner in Cam Chats if you do not know a Language

There are many ways to cope with the problem: you can attend language courses, purchase a phrasebook, or find a suitable online translation service. Your communication will be interesting and successful if you remember the following rules:

  • The first step is to learn basic rules;
  • The main thing is the constant daily practice. International video chats are perfect tools in this case. There, you will find a patient and intelligent interlocutor who will correct your mistakes and help your improve your language skills;
  • Do not be afraid of telling your interlocutor that you are not fluent in foreign speech. Say that you’re in a video chat to find a tutor and communicate with a native speaker;
  • For first conversations, use an online translator or a dictionary;
  • Always be polite and correct, do not forget to say hello, say goodbye, set the time for the next meeting, thank for compliments;
  • Ask about your interlocutor’s personality, hobbies, ask him/her to tell about him-/herself;
  • Start your chatting by choosing neutral and familiar topics for conversation. It can be your native countries, nature, travel, music, literature, pets. You should choose those topics that are familiar to you so that you have at least a minimum vocabulary to support the conversation.
  • If you use online services for an automatic translation, and you’re not sure about its correctness, try the reverse process. For example, translate your text first into English and then again into your native language. If you see significant differences from the original version, try changing the wording.
  • Never keep silent, referring to poor language proficiency. Try to say something. After all, you’re there to practice. Say with mistakes, and your interlocutor will correct your sentences. Over time, you won’t even notice how your level of speaking will improve, and you’ll make fewer mistakes and forget about the speech barrier.
  • If you do not understand the idea of your interlocutor’s utterance, do not hesitate to ask again. Tell your partner to rephrase and use other words for expressing his/her though.
  • It is better to start communication with a foreigner via messengers. So, you can carefully check your messages until your level becomes more confident. Then you can proceed to chatting.
  • Do not try to create long and complex sentences. Use simple words to avoid misunderstanding.

These simple pieces of advice will help you make the first steps in dating in cam chats and improving your language proficiency.

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