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This is a taboo: 2 questions that should not be discussed with a partner.

A healthy relationship implies trust between people, but is it worth sharing absolutely everything with a partner?

The absence of secrets between partners is the key to a strong and trusting relationship. The ability to talk to each other promotes mutual understanding and better knowledge of your other half. The ability to discuss any topic with your partner, without fear of rejection or condemnation, makes you closer and the relationship stronger. Agree, it is very important to know that you have a close person with whom you do not need to choose words and expressions, because he will always understand and support you. But does it mean that you have to talk about everything that comes to your mind?

Of course, the fewer secrets and misunderstandings you have, the better. Through communication, you learn to feel better about your partner, to know his opinion, to anticipate reactions, to model situations by studying the characteristics of his behavior. However, an uncontrolled flow of thoughts, which you think will be understood and approved, is not always appropriate.  And there are some things that should not be discussed in pairs after all.

Talking about the opposite sex

At first glance, completely harmless statements coming from you about the opposite sex may not resonate with your second half. Discussing external data, business qualities, success stories – all this can provoke an unwanted reaction. And the discussion of relationships with exes is a taboo topic that should not be raised with the current man (especially if one of them was better at something) or, in any case, do it delicately, knowing in advance the reaction of the partner. 

Conversations in a negative way

Life does not consist only of positive moments, and everyone has a bad mood. In addition, an honest recognition that today is not the best day can play into the hands of both partners and not provoke a possible conflict.  But when you have more and more such days, and the mood spoils more and more, try to cope with negative emotions, because few people are happy to listen to the eternal discontent and listen to the endless problems. Put yourself in the place of your interlocutor, analyze the causes of your apathy, and if there is indeed a serious problem in your life, seek help or advice from the person you love. In other situations, it is worth trying to control the flow of the negative.

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