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Reasons why people lie about their appearance on video chats

Nowadays, people don’t even think that they would do if they had to get rid of their mobile phones and computers even for a couple of days. The most significant reason why it’s happening right now is that the internet is one of the most marvelous platforms for those individuals who are eager to make their subsistence as not as complicated as it used to be even in the second half of the previous century. For example, it’s much easier to find out how to get to the particular place using a smart phone which is connected to the internet instead of asking strangers on the street.

However, some of the human beings are still afraid of using the internet. Although such a place is a great solution for many of us, they believe that this is also quite destructive. Furthermore, some psychologists agree with such a statement. These professionals believe that those who spend too much time on the internet suffer from mental illnesses much oftener that those humans who prefer spending free time with their friends and family members. Fortunately, some software engineers found out how to solve such an essential issue several years ago. That is how they developed services specifically for interaction. These platforms were called video chats because of the fact that the only additional item a human ought to have in order to start talking with other people is a web camera on his laptop or smart phone. Even though individuals can see each other during the conversation, they can still lie about their appearance. Here are some reasons for this.

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The most significant reason why people begin to lie about the way they look like is their complexities. For instance, the statistics demonstrates that every second female who uses video chats lie about her weight. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to understand if you can trust her because during the conversation you can see only your interlocutor’s face.


One more reason why users of video chats start to lie about their real appearance because that take care of their security. These humans don’t want their interlocutors find out too much about the way they look like. Some of these individuals can even wear face masks. However, sometimes such a behavior is a sign of a hacker who doesn’t want to be uncovered by other users. That is why you should be concerned while talking to such a person.