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How to blow off a guy on a video chat

Nobody will argue that smart phones and computers are used in modern society daily. Only several years ago it was impossible to imagine that people would prefer ordering food or clothes on the internet rather than going to a shopping center. However, these days people spend up to 5 hours per day scrolling through their social media services. The need for these gadgets has increased the number of people who suffer from mental illnesses. Human beings feel stressed when nobody can support and understand them in a difficult situation. Recently the developers have found a solution and created services for communication in order to fight against this terrible problem. These platforms are known as video chats. Users create accounts there not only to find some mate but also for dating. But some men who are not attractive can be obsessive. The best ways to get rid of such users are in this article.

Understand what type of men you’re talking to

Before trying to blow off a male you should realize what kind of men he is. There are 4 main types:


  • A womanizer. Such a man wants to meet you in real life after the first conversation. Furthermore, he hints at intimate relations. Most womanizers even have a girlfriend or even a wife and don’t hide that. And when you ask him why he is chatting with you, he’ll answer what there is nothing serious about it;
  • A foreigner. This type of males choose a country where they arrive in when they are creating their accounts. Most of these people can be too obsessive and cannot wait when you text them back. Such a conversation can become even more annoying because of some cultural differences;
  • A party animal. These men are aware of all the night clubs in their cities and lead an easy life without thinking about their future. There is a high possibility that such a person has several girlfriends at the same time, and he is not looking for a date for the whole life;
  • A true friend. These individuals need to know everything about you, and they are interested in what you have eaten today. Of course, these guys will always help when you are in a  trouble. However, such a man acts like he’s your boyfriend even though you are not dating. For example, he can make a scene when you don’t want to answer his questions.

Ways to blow him off

The easiest way to blow a man off is to start ignoring him. However, there is a high possibility that he will continue texting you. If he doesn’t understand your hint, tell him that you have a boyfriend or simply say that you are not interested in the interaction with him.