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How I Found My Soulmate and Future Husband in a Random Chat

This is my personal story. You can either believe it or not but I would like to tell it. Who knows maybe for someone this story will be useful or help decide to make their first online dating.

When I visited a random online chat for the first time, I didn’t take it seriously. I started a chat roulette just for fun. I had some free time and didn’t know how to spend my pastime and relax. My friends were busy and I had one spare evening. So I decided to communicate with unknown users.

I had a few interlocutors and one of them drew my attention. He started a conversation by something like that: “I know that I’m an ordinary stranger for you but I believe that you’ll remember our conversation for ages”. Of course, it was unexpected for me and he managed to catch my attention. Our dialogue lasted for a while. I filtered interlocutors according to their geolocation, so my interlocutor was from my native city.

After a short introduction, we found out that we have a lot in common. We both were crazy about animals and were addicted to traveling. I spoke about countries I’d been to, and he described his trips. By the end of our conversation, I felt that I didn’t want to break up this acquaintance. Probably, he felt the same and asked to leave my phone number. So we shared our contacts.

The next morning, he called me to wish “Good morning!”. I was impressed and surprised. Smile didn’t leave my face during the whole day. We started calling back for some days. Thus, our online communication in a random chat turned into real life. We starting dating. We walked around our native city and communicated for hours. I liked his sense of humor, manners, gifts. Of course, our relations were as ordinary as every simple person has. We have either pleasant or unpleasant moments. There were not only smiles, kisses, and gifts, we had quarrels, grievances, tears. But we managed to overcome them. Now, we’re married, travel together, and have two cats and a dog. This is our small family.

After several years have passed, I still can’t believe that I found such a pleasant person using a video chat room. I even couldn’t imagine that a simple communication for fun in a cam chat will change my life and result in marriage.

What I want to say to those who read my story, don’t be afraid of using video chats for dating. No one never knows where his beloved is. It is fate, and do not try to find any logic in life. Just keep living, spend time with pleasure and enjoy every day.