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Badoo review

Why are dating sites becoming more and more popular every day? There are many reasons for this, one of which is the convenience of dating services, which do everything so that you can find a worthy partner by making every effort. There is no need to be shy and approaching on the street, with a decent chance to be rejected and publicly embarrassed – just a couple of mouse clicks and you can start communicating with someone you like. You can get to know each other, and only then decide whether to bring the conversation to reality or better to find a more suitable partner.

The main aspects of Badoo

Badoo has been at the forefront of online dating for two decades. Originally planned as a dating site in Russia, Badoo has gained such popularity that today millions of users from all over the world communicate and look for their other half here. Almost 50 million active users are quite an impressive figure.

Badoo is a universal resource, here you can look for a partner for a serious relationship, as well as just a friend or interlocutor. Moderators of the site around the clock watching user profiles, block fake and fraudulent pages, trying to minimize questionnaires of the ancient profession. It is possible to verify your account, thereby confirming that you are you, and do not cause anyone unnecessary questions and doubts. It is a very convenient feature for people who came to Badoo with the most serious intentions.

To register on the site is very simple, just fill out a couple of fields of information or go with one of your existing social networks. However, a prerequisite for full use of the site is that your profile must have at least 3 photos. Also do not ignore the completion of your profile – those fields that are not filled out on your page, you can not see in other people’s profiles. Badoo provides the possibility to search by geolocation – you will be able to find a new acquaintance in close proximity to you, if you do not want to waste your time or do not believe in relationships from a distance.

The difference of Badoo

Badoo’s chip is to find counterpart. You can select any celebrity from the list, and the search will give you users who the algorithm considered similar to the specified star.

The site can be used absolutely free of charge, but if you want you can create a VIP account status and you will be given an even wider range of functions. You can give gifts to other users, your profile will be highlighted one of the first in the list, you can connect the “invisible” mode .

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