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Apps for dating: Which one to choose?

Could people living only several dozens of years ago imagine that it would be possible to find their partner for a relationship via the Internet? In fact, most of them would find it peculiar because those individuals believed that it’s impossible to fall in love if you haven’t met your destiny in real life.

However, since the internet was developed, a lot of aspects of our lives have changed considerably, and the way we meet our lovers is one of them. Nowadays, there’re hundreds of applications which are created specifically for those users who are looking for their significant others online. These individuals believe that this method of dating is much more profitable because you only ought to select some filters to get access to the feed with the most suitable candidates living in your neighborhood. Nonetheless, to make such a belief come to life, you should use only those apps which are trustworthy. Here you can find some of the platforms that have a great reputation and a long history.


While you are creating your profile on OkCupid, you ought to answer a list of questions. Some of them are more general. However, there’re some unique ones which are aimed to find out more about you as a person. After answering this quiz, you will get matched with the most suitable members if the app. The uniqueness of this service that it’s impossible to send messages to those users who don’t suit you.

One more significant advantage of OkCupid is the fact that this app is a great choice for all sexual orientations. In 2014, they added 22 genders. Such an openness to all preferences has made this service well-known not only in the USA. Today it’s popular in Europe and Asia. So, with this application it doesn’t matter what gender you prefer or how old you are. You will always find your interlocutors.


This application is what you definitely should try in case you are too busy to use more regular programs for online dating. He second you create your account on Happn, the system immediately starts looking for people who are located nearby and also use this app. As a result, you can meet a partner who lives or work nearby.

Such a usability of this platform has made it well-known. Nowadays, there’re more than 50 millions of members from different cou. This numbers get higher each day. What’s more, a lot of features here are available even if you have a free version of Happn.

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