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2 signs that you like to be miserable

It sounds terrible, but women love to suffer simply because they feel safe or, in other words, inside their comfort zone. Getting a grip on themselves and starting to move forward is much harder, so they continue with an enviable consistency to let circumstances dictate how they should feel, comforting themselves with the fact that the situation is not their fault. There is a logic here: often we really can’t control everything that happens around us. But there is also something that is within our control: we can always choose how we respond to this or that challenge.

The problem is that most of the time, happiness doesn’t come for nothing. It doesn’t just knock at your door just to comfort you in times of grief and suffering. Being happy is a big job, both internal and external. First of all, because life is not sugar, and refusals, critiques, partings, sorrows, stresses and sorrows will always be in it. The only difference is whether you decide to fight them or continue to cultivate suffering in yourself.

And if now you think that your life is a solid black streak, then most likely you have chosen the second, deciding to continue to poison yourself with these two ways, which will help you start living a more positive life.

You’re making a sacrifice

As has been said, we cannot anticipate all that will happen to us in the future. But we can choose our own strategy for responding to certain circumstances. It is up to you to decide whether you will emerge victorious from the stressful situation or whether you will remain in it as the heroine of a sentimental tragedy.

The fact is that blaming everyone around you for your misfortunes, you only feed more helplessness and despair inside you. Your emotional state is your duty, and nobody but you can decide how you should or should not feel.

We usually experience a victim complex when we react instantly to stress and refuse to take a sober look at the situation afterwards.

You’re constantly worried about something

Anxiety is a dangerous condition. On the one hand, many psychologists see it as an unconscious attempt to solve potential problems that may await you in the future. But on the other hand, most often this condition does not lead to anything good, but only continues to pull you down into the well of negative and unfounded fears. Quite often we start looking for a solution to a situation that hasn’t even happened yet.

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